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Harmony Gardens Landscaping Practices Low Impact Development (LID)

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Low Impact Development (LID) Low impact development is an eco-friendly sustainable way to landscape. It is not about one best solution but rather all the solutions. You may not be able to do everything on every property, but doing a bit of as many environmentally sustainable techniques as you can makes a landscape impact the planet in a positive way. Avoid off-site disposal: Moving material on and off properties can affect carbon footprint in a big way. Removal of soil can affect the ecosystem thus balance and harmony. Some removal maybe necessary but complete removal

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Xeriscaping = Drought Tolerant Garden

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  ASK AN EXPERT Xeriscaping = Drought Tolerant Garden Helping plants survive drought use to mean turning on the sprinkler at the end of a hot day. There is a more water efficient way of gardening that saves water and time. The goal of xeriscaping is to build a sustainable garden that helps plants survive dry periods on their own, without relying on supplemental watering, fertilizer and other maintenance tasks. There are four key elements that make a xeriscape garden successful and beautiful. 1) Get to the root: Shallow rooted plants are more dependent on

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