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Xeriscaping = Drought Tolerant Garden

black eyed susans

  ASK AN EXPERT Xeriscaping = Drought Tolerant Garden Helping plants survive drought use to mean turning on the sprinkler at the end of a hot day. There is a more water efficient way of gardening that saves water and time. The goal of xeriscaping is to build a sustainable garden that helps plants survive dry periods on their own, without relying on supplemental watering, fertilizer and other maintenance tasks. There are four key elements that make a xeriscape garden successful and beautiful. 1) Get to the root: Shallow rooted plants are more dependent on

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Pruning Shrubs & Evergreens

Pruning is an essential part of gardening. Correctly pruned trees, shrubs and evergreens will be superior in appearance, vigour and in flowering as compared to neglected plants. Pruning Tools Hand held pruners (secateurs)- are used to cut stems up to 13mm. in diameter. Scissor types cut closer than anvil types. Must be kept sharp so as to not crush or tear bark. Hedge Shears are used for trimming formal hedges to shape foliage. Gas or electric trimmers are used to shape shrubs, broadleaf evergreens, and evergreens. Lopping shears (loppers)- are used to cut stems and

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Pruning is a very important part of plant, shrub and tree care that is performed for both aesthetic reasons and for plant health. Pruning is the cutting away of unwanted parts of a plant for more fruitful growth and shaping. You should prune a plant or shrub to remove crossed, damaged or diseased branches which will stress the plant. Pruning also improves air flow through the plant and can encourage better branch distribution which results in a healthier, more vigorous plant that is more disease tolerant. Post-bloom pruning maximizes the blooms for the following season.

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