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Four Principles of Sustainable Landscaping

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#1 Treat Water as a Resource The demand for water is high. Rainwater is usually treated as “waste” and allowed to flow into gutters and sewers. A sustainable landscaping approach sees water as a valuable resource. With proper design and plant selection the need for irrigation can be reduced or eliminated. Methods of rainwater harvesting can include the use of bio-swales, rain gardens, proper grading, above ground rain barrels, capturing storm water on site and using it for irrigation, use of permeable pavers in the landscape, capturing rain water in below ground tanks and cisterns.

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WHY GROW NATIVE PLANTS? A native plant is one that naturally occurs on a site and has not been introduced from another distant place. Native plants provide the best diversity of habitat elements for wildlife. Wildlife in your area have evolved to use native plants as food, cover, places to raise their young and sometimes even for water. Native plants will thrive in their natural site because they are best suited to the conditions of that site. Plants native to the soils and climate of your specific area provide the best overall food sources for

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