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Fall Lawn Care

harmony gardens landscaping ottawa fall lawn care

Fall Lawn Care – September In September we recommend that lawns be core aerated, an application of TurfMaize and a final application of nematodes for grubs and/or cinch bugs. Core aeration improves the oxygen flow around the root zone of the grass, stimulates microbial activity, improves soil structure, improves water flow, brings nutrients to the surface and decreases compaction. Aeration is best done when the ground is moist with fall rains. Core aeration removes “plugs” of soil approx. 3 inches (7.5cms.) in length and deposits onto the lawn which will breakdown in about a week’s

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Lawn Fertilization

lawn fertilizer

Fertilization is the addition of necessary nutritional elements to keep your lawn’s soil healthy. The soil itself needs to replenish its nutrients so it can continue to keep your lawn healthy. All fertilizers provide three main nutrients for the grass which are listed by percentage weight on fertilizer packages. These are nitrogen(N) which is necessary for grass stem and leaf growth; phosphorous(P) which promotes grass root, fruit and flower growth; and potassium(K) which assists other nutrients to function well within the plant. The ratio of nutrients are always listed in the order of N first

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Top Dressing Your Lawn

top dressing your lawn

Top dressing is the process of applying compost, top dressing soil, garden soil, topsoil or composted top dressing pellets over the surface of your lawn. Top dressing restores balance to your lawn, builds good soil and increases your soil flora. The benefits of top dressing are immense and now that we readily have available an all natural screened composted top dressing in pellet form, which can be applied via a fertilizer spreader for a very reasonable price to build good soil and improve your lawn, we recommend the application of these pellets every spring and

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Spring Cleanup

spring cleanup

Spring Cleanup A well planned spring cleanup will benefit your lawn and flowerbeds while ensuring a beautiful outdoor living space for the whole season. A spring cleanup which includes spring lawn care and spring flowerbed care is individualized and quite specific for what your yard needs. Contact Harmony Gardens Landscaping and arrange spring cleanup services. Now is also the time to contemplate and plan for summer landscaping projects. Spring Lawn Care: In April and May it is important to assess your lawn after the snow has receded and exposed your lawn. Assess if there are

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Best Lawn Management Practices

garden fertilizers

Right Product Use the correct fertilizer for your soil conditions. Your soil should be tested annually to determine what type of fertilizer nutrients are needed. Slow release nitrogen is preferable as an environmentally responsible choice Slow release nitrogen can be found in organic as well as synthetic fertilizers. Directions on the fertilizer bag should be followed to ensure the best results with that product for your lawn and the environment. Right Rate Use the right amount of fertilizer. Follow fertilizer rate recommendations. More is not always better. Too much fertilizer can result in burning and

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