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Harmony Gardens Receives Jim Bauer Legacy Award

Calvin Cross Harmony Gardens Receives Jim Bauer Award

The Jim Bauer Legacy Award is awarded to a professional Landscape Ontario member in good standing that has given 20 years or more towards the advancement of the Horticultural Industry within the community. Harmony Gardens Landscaping Inc. was presented with this award of distinction by the Ottawa Chapter of Landscape Ontario for their dedicated work and advancement of eco-friendly, sustainable practices. As a leader in sustainable landscaping methods, sharing and educating the public they are forging the way to deal with harvesting rainwater, managing storm water, adapting to a changing climate, maintaining harmony within each

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Q: What are the water requirements for a healthy, green lawn?

A: Lawn programs recognize that water is a valuable and scarce resource, especially in summer. Naturally cared for lawns have reduced watering requirements because: grass cared for naturally is cut longer to encourage deeper roots and improve the grass’ ability to access water. grass in a natural lawn is a blend of grass species including types requiring less water. mulched clippings, which are 90% water themselves, have been left on the lawn to cool the crowns of the grass, provide nitrogen and help conserve moisture. When it is necessary to water your lawn, ensure that

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Q: What plants act as natural mosquito repellants?

get rid of mosquitos in backyard

A:  Garlic-based oil is effective in killing mosquito larva in ponds as will derris root or tuba. Myristicin, a compound found in parsnips, is also effective as a selective insecticide against mosquito larva as is BT (bacillus thuringiensis).  The leaves of molasses grass and sassafras are mosquito repellants. American pennyroyal, sometimes called squaw mint is a natural insect repellant. (A handful crushed and rubbed onto skin emits a pleasant smell and repels mosquitoes). American pennyroyal is a native American plant not to be confused with the European pennyroyal.

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All About Soil Testing

Harmony Gardens Landscaping offers complete basic soil testing for their lawn and flowerbed customers. We test pH (acidity/alkalinity), N (nitrogen), P (phosphorous), K (potassium) to individualize lawn and flowerbed care programs to meet specific needs. We also offer just pH testing to assess acidity and alkalinity of soil to determine if there is a need to adjust. This can be very important in weed control as well as grass health. All plants need food nutrients for healthy growth. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium play a vital role in plant growth just as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and

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