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The Butterfly Garden

Butterflies see the whole spectrum of colours but prefer the brilliantly coloured deep pinks, reds, scarlets, bright blues and usually those flowers that are very fragrant too. Most butterfly plants are perennial and thus will be a permanent sanctuary for butterfly caterpillars. Shrubs and perennials that attract butterflies are honeysuckle, verbena, hibiscus (Rose of Sharon), lantana, butterfly bush, violets, columbine, larkspur, beauty bush, morning glory, frog-fruit, blue-eyed grass, lemon mint,

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How to Take Care of New Sod

Watering Schedule: Your new lawn/sod will require plenty of water in the first few days.  Water the sod as soon as possible after it is installed.  Then water thoroughly on a daily basis for one week.  Reduce watering to three times a week the next week and then once a week thereafter.  Being thorough means at least one (1) inch (or 25mm.) of water at each and every watering.  Reduction in watering or irrigation frequency is to encourage deep, healthy rooting. Frequent, light watering results in shallow roots.  Water evenly and slowly so that the

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Q: What are grubs and chinch bugs?

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A:  Grubs and chinch bugs are insects that can cause damage to the roots, crowns or blades of your urban lawn depending upon the lifecycle stage of the insect, time of year and quality of the lawn.  Usually the damage is seen as a dying area of grass with characteristic brown patches.  It is very important to diagnose the problem accurately since dog spots, over fertilization and diseases can all create the tell-tale brown patches.  Identifying the insect and the damage it is doing is important before deciding upon a specific course of action.

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