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DID YOU KNOW… Bees prefer blue and yellow flowers. Plants offensive to bees are leeks, onions and garlic Plants poisonous to bees are mountain laurel, snow-on-the-mountain, rhododendrons, wild aster and boxwoods Watering your plants for lengthy periods rather than shorter ones encourages strong, deep roots. This includes grass/sod. Mulching regulates soil temperature, soil moisture as well as prevents weeds. Mulching protects your plants from extremes in soil temperatures and soil moisture. When watering use a drip irrigation system such as a soaker hose to deliver water to the base of the plants where needed. Will

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Xeriscaping = Drought Tolerant Garden

black eyed susans

  ASK AN EXPERT Xeriscaping = Drought Tolerant Garden Helping plants survive drought use to mean turning on the sprinkler at the end of a hot day. There is a more water efficient way of gardening that saves water and time. The goal of xeriscaping is to build a sustainable garden that helps plants survive dry periods on their own, without relying on supplemental watering, fertilizer and other maintenance tasks. There are four key elements that make a xeriscape garden successful and beautiful. 1) Get to the root: Shallow rooted plants are more dependent on

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Efficient Watering

efficient watering

Efficient Watering Water is a precious resource which needs to be used wisely to be effective and efficient. Some tips for using irrigation water more efficiently are: 1) Install rain sensors on your sprinkler systems. There is no need for your irrigation system to run when it is raining or going to rain. 2) Adjust irrigation timers according to seasonal needs. Irrigation should not be running mid afternoon or during the night. Timers can be set based on seasonal time. 3) Detect and repair all leaks in the irrigation systems. 4) Water trees and shrubs,

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