Q: What are the water requirements for a healthy, green lawn?

lawn watering service ottawaA: Lawn programs recognize that water is a valuable and scarce resource, especially in summer. Naturally cared for lawns have reduced watering requirements because:

  1. grass cared for naturally is cut longer to encourage deeper roots and improve the grass’ ability to access water.
  2. grass in a natural lawn is a blend of grass species including types requiring less water.
  3. mulched clippings, which are 90% water themselves, have been left on the lawn to cool the crowns of the grass, provide nitrogen and help conserve moisture.

When it is necessary to water your lawn, ensure that your watering routine contributes to the overall health of your grass. Your watering routine is another important weed control tool.

Improper watering can cause shallow roots that weaken the lawn making it more susceptible to weeds. Light watering encourages germination of weed seeds at the expense of the grass.

When watering keep these important points in mind:

A) Avoid watering too frequently. Once a week and less than that when it rains. Over watering can cause root death for grass and reduce air in soil.

B) Avoid brief, shallow watering as this causes shallow grass roots.

C) Water for at least 1 hour to apply approximately 2.5 cms. (1 inch) of water to ensure soaking of the entire root zone. Appropriate use of irrigation systems can ensure accurate, thorough and appropriate watering and thus protect this valuable resource. Measure the water your lawn is getting from rain, sprinkler, irrigation with a simple rain gauge. One inch per week is enough!

D) Water in the early morning because evaporation rates are low. Morning watering also limits the time the grass blades are wet and reduces the risk of fungal disease. Harmony Gardens Landscaping can provide lawn care.

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