Fall Clean-ups

Did you know a well-planned fall cleanup will benefit your lawns and flowerbeds? While most homeowners think of fall cleanup as leaf raking and disposal, there are numerous ways to give your grass and plants TLC in preparation for winter. These helpful hints can provide wildlife with shelter and food, weeds become easier to control, and plant diseases can be minimized.

Fall Cleanup – Lawn Care

turf maize application ottawaIn September, lawn care should include core aeration, a Turf-Maize application, and nematode applications prior to the first frost to control and/or prevent cinch bugs and grubs. In October, lawn services can include a top dressing or over-seeding, coupled with the application of fall-winterizing fertilizer.

Fall Cleanup – Flowerbeds & Planting

September is best time to plant, divide or transplant perennials. It is also a perfect time to plant evergreens.

Fall cleanup of flowerbeds should include final weeding and cultivating; dead-heading, pruning, cutting back perennials; thinning out; removal of dead and unwanted plants; dividing and transplanting; planting of spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, etc.; applying rose covers and wrapping shrubs as required when weather warrants; and of course removal and disposal of leaves from flowerbeds. Any summer bulbs such as dahlias, gladiolus and tuberous begonias need to be dug out and stored away over the winter.

fall garden cleanup ottawaFall cleanup also provides an ideal opportunity to amend flowerbeds with the addition of compost or garden soil. Any flowerbeds not mulched should be mulched prior to snowfall to protect and insulate roots of perennials, regulate soil temperature and moisture, and prevent winterkill. There is also the added benefit of weed control!

Fall Cleanup – Seasonal Services

As summer wanes and our children head back to school, we are reminded that another Canadian winter is just a few short months away. Long winters are extremely hard on lawns and flowerbeds, especially when not properly winterized. Pruning, mulching, raking, fertilizing, aerating and over-seeding are all important steps to ensure that your yard will thrive next spring.

If you are in the Ottawa area, September is the perfect time to contact Harmony Gardens and arrange your fall cleanup services. We can also assist with the installation of sod, along with any last minute landscaping projects.

For those considering hardscaping projects in Spring 2015, now is the perfect time to book and schedule an installation. Whether you want interlocking stone walkways, garden walls, or a flagstone patio, Harmony Gardens can create a vibrant and functional outdoor living space.