Q: What is Core Aeration and its purpose?

harmony gardens core aeration servicesA: Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the lawn. Its purpose is to increase oxygen flow around the root zone of the grass, stimulate microbial activity and to improve soil structure and water flow.

Aeration is particularly beneficial for clay-based and compacted soil. Aeration is best done when the ground is moist in either the spring or fall. It should be avoided in the heat of summer.

Spring aeration should not take place until the ground has firmed up after the winter to avoid damage to new shoots of grass. Mechanical core aeration removes plugs of soil approximately 7.5 cms. (3 inches) in length and deposits these on the lawn. The plugs usually breakdown and disappear in about a week’s time.

Aeration is a technique that is excellent to combine with top dressing, seeding and fertilizing as the holes allow good distribution of the material. Some aerating tools poke holes into the ground rather than remove plugs. This hole poking method does not improve soil structure; air circulation is improved around the hole but the soil beneath the hole is further compacted. Aeration is recommended yearly for high traffic areas; for properties that are just starting or maintaining a natural lawn care approach.

Due to the drought in 2012 it was highly recommended that all customers have a fall core aeration in fall 2012 and a spring core aeration in spring 2013.

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