Q: How can I take care of my roses?

rose garden tipsA:  When planting roses, select resistant varieties, plant them with adequate spacing and give them plenty of compost. Roses thrive with fish emulsion fertilizers. Roses need to be pruned appropriately.

All the alliums – garlic, onions, chives and shallots are beneficial to roses, protecting them against black spot, mildew and aphids.

Companion planting or inter-planting the allium family with roses is a natural way to control disease and insect problems as well as naturally causing the roses to produce a stronger perfume. Roses are also aided by the presence of parsley against rose beetles; onions repel rose chafer; marigolds are helpful against nematodes; geraniums and rue against Japanese beetles.

Roses and boxwood do NOT make good companions. If necessary to treat your roses use products containing sulphur, insecticidal soaps, diatomaceous earth, or garlic sprays. Always follow label instructions even with natural products.

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