The Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden how toButterflies see the whole spectrum of colours but prefer the brilliantly coloured deep pinks, reds, scarlets, bright blues and usually those flowers that are very fragrant too. Most butterfly plants are perennial and thus will be a permanent sanctuary for butterfly caterpillars.

Shrubs and perennials that attract butterflies are honeysuckle, verbena, hibiscus (Rose of Sharon), lantana, butterfly bush, violets, columbine, larkspur, beauty bush, morning glory, frog-fruit, blue-eyed grass, lemon mint, salvia, penstemon, and spring beauty.

Wildflowers that attract butterflies are butterfly weed, milkweed, wild verbena, indigobush, dogbane, cutleaf coneflower, and shrubby cinquefoil.

Butterfly breeding plants are:

Black Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars breed from parsley, dill and parsnips. Blue Swallowtail butterfly from Dutchman’s pipe and wild ginger plants. Tiger Swallowtail butterfly from tulip tree, birch, wild cherry, apple, ash and poplar trees. Gossamer-winged orange tip butterfly from the mustard family of plants.

The sulphur butterflies from wild senna, alfalfa, and buffalo clover. The nymph-fritillaries, angel-wings and the sovereigns all from elm, willow and poplar trees as well as nettle. The crescent spots butterflies from snakehead or turtlehead plants. The emperor butterflies from goatweed, hackberry and various grasses.

The heliconians (zebra butterflies) from passionflowers. Monarch butterflies from milkweed. The coppers butterflies from alder leaves.