Fall Flower Bed Installations

Every autumn, Harmony Gardens completes countless fall flower bed installations. It often comes as a surprise to our clients, but planting a bed in the cooler months may yield a better result than traditional spring and summer planting. How is this possible?

fall flowerbed maintenanceIn the spring, the ground and soil remains cool or cold. The chilly soil temperature slows down successful rooting, while the warm spring air temperature is encouraging leaf growth and flowering. In many cases, this variance between ground and air temperature puts new plants under stress. To compound matters, most Canadian provinces experience a summer drought, and rooting is further impacted.

By contrast, fall flower bed installations benefit from retained soil warmth, low evaporation, and bountiful rainfall. The aerial portion of newly planted perennials, shrubs, trees and conifers can properly prepare for winter dormancy, while the root system continues to grow and establish itself.

Fast Facts about Fall Flower Bed Installations

fall gardens maintenance ottawa1. Start planting new beds, trees, shrubs and conifers by mid-August and no later than six weeks before the first killing frost. In most part of Canada, gardeners may successfully plant until mid-October.

2. Fall-planted perennials typically establish a healthy root system and reach full size by the first summer.

3. Planting in the fall presents the perfect opportunity to take advantage of seasonal clearance sales at local garden centres and nurseries.

Fall Flower Bed Installation Services

Planning a flower bed or trying to dig for trees and shrubs is no easy feat. If you are struggling to get planting done before the snow flies, consider contacting Harmony Gardens. We love helping clients in the Ottawa area bring properties to life, naturally!