Lawn Care and Maintenance

Q: What are grubs and chinch bugs?

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A:  Grubs and chinch bugs are insects that can cause damage to the roots, crowns or blades of your urban lawn depending upon the lifecycle stage of the insect, time of year and quality of the lawn.  Usually the damage is seen as a dying area of grass with characteristic brown patches.  It is very important to diagnose the problem accurately since dog spots, over fertilization and diseases can all create the tell-tale brown patches.  Identifying the insect and the damage it is doing is important before deciding upon a specific course of action.

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Q: What is Pruning; why is it necessary and when do I prune?

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A:  Pruning is an important part of plant and shrub care that is performed for both aesthetic reasons and for plant health.  Pruning is the cutting away of unwanted parts of a plant for more fruitful growth and shaping.   You should prune a plant or shrub to remove crossed, damaged or diseased branches which will stress the plant.  Pruning also improves air flow through the plant and can encourage better branch distribution which results in a healthier, more vigorous plant that is more disease tolerant.  Post-bloom pruning maximizes the blooms for the following season. 

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All About Soil Testing

Harmony Gardens Landscaping offers complete basic soil testing for their lawn and flowerbed customers. We test pH (acidity/alkalinity), N (nitrogen), P (phosphorous), K (potassium) to individualize lawn and flowerbed care programs to meet specific needs. We also offer just pH testing to assess acidity and alkalinity of soil to determine if there is a need to adjust. This can be very important in weed control as well as grass health. All plants need food nutrients for healthy growth. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium play a vital role in plant growth just as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and

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Q: Do I need to fertilize my lawn? If, so when should this be done?

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A: Healthy soil provides nourishment to grow healthy grass. The soil itself needs to replenish its nutrients so it can continue to keep your lawn healthy. Keeping your soil healthy with the addition of the necessary nutritional elements is called fertilization. All fertilizers provide three main nutrients for the grass, which are listed by percentage weight on fertilizer packages. These are: nitrogen (N) which is necessary for stem and leaf growth; phosphorous (P) which promotes root, fruit and flower growth; and potassium (K) which assists other nutrients to function well within the plant. The ratio

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Q: What is over-seeding? Why is it important to lawn care? When and with what?

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Jeannette Cross answers your questions about over-seeding, why it’s important, and when and how to go about properly over-seeding your lawn in her Ask an Expert series. A: Over-seeding is applying a suitable blend of grass seeds to an existing lawn to replenish grass cover to create thick grass that will crowd out weeds. In the spring one should check for dying grass and repair it with over-seeding and top dressing. Weed seeds are very opportunistic and will establish themselves wherever bare soil exists. Top dressing is the addition of organic material such as compost

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