Soft Landscaping

Transforming a yard from a plain greenspace into a living environment is as important as building or renovating a home. Landscaping builds equity. If you are looking for a good investment, step outside your house. Studies have shown that properly done landscaping provides the highest return on investment of any type of home improvement. Landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200 per cent at selling time. What better reason to invest in your property now and enjoy the benefits of an enhanced outdoor lifestyle.

There are additional non-monetary gains a quality landscape investment provide and some of these benefits are:

  • lower noise levels
  • blocks unpleasant views
  • reduces crime
  • lowers heating/cooling costs
  • improves home appearance
  • attractive living space
  • optimizes use of land and outdoor space
  • reduces chemical usage on the property
  • enjoyment of outdoors
  • pollinators sanctuary

Harmony Gardens Landscaping focuses on the customer’s personal ideas, tastes and life-style needs incorporating and integrating these into the landscaping project to fulfill each individual customer’s needs and requirements for harmony.

Your greenspace will be sculpted into your very own unique garden. Every project is a reflection of our excellence in design and quality workmanship.

Fusion Softscaping

Fusion Softscaping includes flowers, plants, grass, shrubs, trees, flower beds, and landscape management like, mowing, trimming, aerating, and spraying.

Transforming your yard into a living greenspace creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere that invites peace, improves home appearance, and optimizes land use by increasing resale value in a big way. What better reason to invest in your property, and enjoy the tranquility of an enhanced outdoor lifestyle. Learn more »

Flower Bed Design & Installation

  • annuals, perennials, shrubs, bulbs, vines, wildflowers, ornamental grasses
  • low maintenance
  • all season
  • native plants
  • edible gardens; companion planting
  • theme gardens
  • sunken/raised gardens
  • butterfly / bird attracting gardens
  • sustainable pollinator friendly gardens
  • rainwater gardens

Professional landscaper design and installation of flowerbeds provides for curb appeal, all season colour and harmony in vertical-horizontal space. Properly designed and installed flowerbeds make your yard more inviting and augment your home providing that “wow” factor which leaves a lasting first impression.

Eco-Friendly Low Maintenance No-Mow Lawns

  • design-install-maintain NO-MOW lawns
  • convert lawn to be eco-friendly, low maintenance and NO-MOW
  • rain-ready eco-friendly yards to manage storm water & alleviate flooding
  • yard sharing
  • landscaping alternatives to replace sod/lawns

Sod Installation

While lawns help create a serene and beautiful landscape, sod provides a great deal more than a lush outdoor carpet for your yard. The benefits of sod are numerous and include: climate control/natural air-conditioner, dust filter, erosion control, water filter, noise reducer, garbage prevention, injury reducer, therapeutic benefits, environmental benefits, business and economic improvement as well as an area for exercise and relaxation.

Revitalizing or renovating your lawn is thus important. If lawn repair by top dressing and re-seeding; or slit seeding is not appropriate then new sod needs to be installed. Sod can be installed anytime from mid-May until late fall. Sod installation provides instant lawn without any weeds and thus provides superb curb appeal and sellability of your home. Sod installation should be seriously considered for quick real estate sale and the environmental benefits. We only install drought-tolerant less-water sod.

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Below are some examples of soft landscaping, including flower bed re-designs and installations, growing bedding plants for commercial planting, and bird and butterfly-attracting gardens.