Rain Ready Program

City of Ottawa Rain Ready Pilot Project to Help Reduce Runoff

In Spring 2021 the City of Ottawa will launch Rain Ready, a pilot program to help homeowners capture more stormwater on their own properties, diverting runoff from city sewers and helping keep gardens green.

Why harvest and manage stormwater?

Studies in 2011 and 2019 noted that poor water quality in creeks, erosion, flooding and beach closures was occurring downstream from older Ottawa neighbourhoods that weren’t built with stormwater ponds, now commonplace in newer subdivisions.

Residents within the identified priority stormwater retrofit areas will be eligible for professional assessments that will give them ideas for suitable retrofits. Homeowners interested in proceeding with upgrades can qualify for financial incentives of up to $5,000. The funding is to cover the cost of installing permeable driveways, rain gardens or “soakaway pits” where water can be absorbed, as well as redirecting downspouts.

As of February 24, 2021, the retrofit areas include Pinecrest Creek, Westboro and the Eastern Subwatershed areas. The City of Ottawa will be launching an eligibility self-assessment tool. Keep an eye on the Rain Ready website or connect with us to confirm if your address is eligible.

Ottawa Landscapers Receive Fusion Landscape Professional (FLP) Training

As part of the Rain Ready project, Ottawa-area landscapers will undergo a subsidized training program offered by Landscape Ontario. Fusion Landscape Professional (FLP) will train local landscapers to incorporate the newest stormwater mitigation solutions into their designs.

Harmony Gardens Landscaping’s ‘Rain Ready’ Role

Harmony Gardens Landscaping Inc. has been providing environmentally sustainable storm water management, rain water harvesting, rain garden installations and other eco-friendly storm run-off management techniques for years. We have also been at the forefront of installations of permeable pavers and LID (low impact development) — all of which has been approved for the FLP certification program.

As a recognized leader in water conservation with rainwater management, we are thrilled to see an everyday part of our landscape construction and maintenance business become qualified for FLP Program Certification. We are thus in a position to not only offer expertise thru our education but years of experience in dealing with managing rainwater.

Be A Good Environmental Steward

To learn more about Ottawa ‘Rain Ready’ pilot program or to schedule your professional consultation under the grant, we invite you to connect with us.