Fusion Landscaping

Fusion Landscaping is a method of landscape planning that utilizes texture, colours and imaginative styles to create stunning outdoor and open air spaces. It can likewise save water and decrease rainwater runoff to limit the effects of flooding.

Fusion Landscaping centres around creating your optimal garden while:

  • Adding profundity, textures and warmth by utilizing carefully chosen plantings.
  • Expanding your open air living space using permeable walkways and other features.
  • Streamlining the utilization of water on your property with highlights, for example, downpour barrels and rain chains.

Fusion Landscaping focuses on making lovely spaces that often joins softscaping (plants), hardscaping (pavers) and rainwater components (rain barrels).  These scenes improve outside spaces while resolving any expected effects of seasonal flooding.

Want to know more about Fusion Landscaping and grants available to certain communities in Ottawa? The City of Ottawa has created a Rain Ready Pilot Project to Help Reduce Runoff. Learn more here »


Fusion Hardscaping

Hardscaping involves decks, pools, patios, driveways, steps, and anything that is solid and unchanging. 

Transforming your yard into a calm, harmonious, outdoor living environment has become more important than ever. Our landscaping team is proud to offer Low Impact Development (LID), an environmentally-friendly design approach that uses on-site natural features to manage stormwater runoff,  as we create your own unique, perfect, happy environment.


Fusion Softscaping

Softscaping includes flowers, plants, grass, shrubs, trees, flower beds, and landscape management like, mowing, trimming, aerating, and spraying.

Transforming your yard into a living greenspace creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere that invites peace, improves home appearance, and optimizes land use by increasing resale value in a big way. What better reason to invest in your property, and enjoy the tranquility of an enhanced outdoor lifestyle.


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