Landscape Ontario

Landscape Ontario is the province’s premier horticultural trades association. If you are seeking the services of an Ottawa landscape company or want to shop local for garden supplies and plants, Landscape Ontario can provide you with trustworthy recommendations.

Environment Canada Weather

Eastern Ontario is known for its long winters and hot, humid summers. From planning a garden to booking residential snow removal, Environment Canada Weather can show you current weather trends or historical data for the National Capital Region.

Weather Network

Ottawa’s weather varies on a daily basis. Take a look at the Weather Network before you plan your landscaping, gardening or seasonal outdoor activities.

Central Precast Inc.

Located in Ottawa, Central precast is a major supplier of Permacon and Techobloc products for hardscaping since 1956. From precast site furnishings to architectural components, Harmony Gardens is proud to offer Central Precast offerings to clients in Eastern Ontario.

Richmond Nursery Inc.

When Richmond Nursery says their “Plants Speak For Themselves”, it’s not just a tagline. Flower beds, vegetable gardens and countless trees have left Richmond Nursery to find homes across Ottawa, the Valley and Ontario. Considered the leading supplier to Ottawa landscaping companies, Richmond Nursery’s garden centre, greenhouse, and strawberry farm have been serving the community since 1970.

B & T MacFarlane Ottawa Ltd.

Whether you are tackling residential and commercial landscaping projects or cutting your lawn, you need high performance power equipment. Family owned and operated since 1975, B&T MacFarlane Ottawa Ltd. has been providing consumers with quality new and used equipment. From lawn tractors to salt storage bins, they carry all the top-brands to make your outdoor property maintenance needs a breeze.

Battlefield Equipment Rentals

Battlefield Equipment Rentals in Ottawa offers a vast selection of quality tools, equipment, and machines to meet all your spring, summer, fall and winter outdoor jobsite needs. Whether you need an earth mover or a jumping jack tamper, Battlefield is your one-stop rental shop in Eastern Ontario.

Manderley Turfgrass

Want the greenest grass on your street? Look no further than Ottawa’s Manderley Turfgrass. Their superior sod, turf, seed, soil and fertilizer has been bringing properties to life in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal. Harmony Gardens Landscaping is proud to offer Manderley Turfgrass products to their clients.

Ritchie Feed & Seed

An Ottawa institution and home to the oldest garden centre in the region, Ritchie Feed & Seed has been supplying animal feed, farm supplies and seeds for over 85 years. Whether you’re looking for bird seed, grass seed, flower or vegetable seeds – you can find them at Ritchie Feed & Seed.

Creating the Best At-Home Composting System

With landfills filling up and this planet crying for help, there’s no better time than now to start giving back to Mother Earth. One great way is to start a home composting system. Instead of pitching your kitchen waste in the garbage can and forgetting about it, why not recycle it into soil for your yard?