A native plant is one that naturally occurs on a site and has not been introduced from another distant place. Native plants provide the best diversity of habitat elements for wildlife. Wildlife in your area have evolved to use native plants as food, cover, places to raise their young and sometimes even for water. Native plants will thrive in their natural site because they are best suited to the conditions of that site.

native plants wild burdoch ottawaPlants native to the soils and climate of your specific area provide the best overall food sources for wildlife while requiring less fertilizer, less water and less effort in controlling pests.

Native plants may support 10 to 50 times as many species of native wildlife as non-native plants. Too often exotic plants brought in for their horticultural or wildlife value have spread rapidly, taken over farm and woodlands and decimate native plants and animals.

Since native plantings can reduce the need for water and chemical inputs and can maintain or enhance biological diversity, wildlife gardeners concerned about conservation should strive toward incorporating native plantings as much as possible in their plans.


Buy or grow your own native plants ensuring that nursery stock is not dug from the wild.
Join a native plant group and become actively involved.
Promote the use of native plants in roadside, school and commercial landscaping.
Save native plant communities in your area from destruction. It is much harder to restore wild areas than it is to preserve them.

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