Top Dressing Lawns

lawn care soilTop dressing is the process of applying compost, top dressing soil, garden soil, topsoil or composted top dressing pellets over the surface of your lawn. Top dressing is a way to restore balance to your lawn, build good soil and increase your soil flora. Good soil is living soil which contains billions of microorganisms.

Benefits of top dressing are:

  • top dressing adds organic matter to your lawn’s soil
  • top dressing can build up the soil flora
  • top dressing with core aeration helps to change the soil structure
  • compost top dressing with the right biological components can help reduce lawn diseases
  • adding compost helps to reduce traffic stress
  • compost incorporated into heavy soils helps relieve compaction problems
  • compost incorporated into sandy soils helps with water retention
  • top dressing with the right materials can help reduce the need for fertilizer
  • top dressing can help reduce thatch
  • top dressing will help release and make usable the P (phosphorous) in your lawn

Choosing the right top dressing materials:

  • When top dressing lawns compost and top dressing soil are the best materials to use. It is important to “match” the soil type you plan to use with the soil you have in your lawn. Not all soils are compatible. Usually when top dressing lawns you do not spread finer textured soils over coarse textured soils. Most problems occur for those with sandy soils, when fine sand-topsoil is mixed over a coarse sand/soil lawn.
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  • Screened composted top dressing for lawns in pelletized form is now available for application by your Harmony Gardens Landscaping contractor. The composted pellets are applied via a fertilizer spreader for even distribution and no mess.

    The pellets are odourless and are made from screened composted leaf yard wastes with absolutely no animal by products or human waste. The pellets drop down close to the soil and are basically out of sight so that the lawn still looks good after we are done and the Time Sav’r top dressing goes to work right away. The lawn can be used immediately after this topdressing is applied unlike if top dressed with top dressing soil and/or compost. The screened composted topdressing pellets are safe around children and pets and are weed seed free. Scientifically proven to improve soil tilth and increase soil’s moisture retention.

  • Steps for top dressing lawns:

    Top dressing of lawns should be done in the fall for cool season grasses and in the spring for warm season grasses.

    When top dressing lawns there are several important steps that can be done to ensure good results:

    First if your lawn has more than 1/2inch (1.25cms.) of thatch then de-thatch your lawn first.

    Second mow your lawn as low as possible without stressing the grass too much.

    Third core aerate your lawn.

    Fourth spread top dressing over your lawn to a depth of ¼ to ½ inch.

    Fifth lightly brush/rake into the grass with the backside of a rake or use a grading rake to get as much top dressing to touch the lawn’s soil as possible.

    After top dressing is done the lawn can be over-seeded. If over-seeding remember to keep the soil moist, but not wet, until the seeds have germinated.

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