Top Dressing Your Lawn

Top dressing is the process of applying compost, top dressing soil, garden soil, topsoil or composted top dressing pellets over the surface of your lawn. Top dressing restores balance to your lawn, builds good soil and increases your soil flora.

top dressing your lawnThe benefits of top dressing are immense and now that we readily have available an all natural screened composted top dressing in pellet form, which can be applied via a fertilizer spreader for a very reasonable price to build good soil and improve your lawn, we recommend the application of these pellets every spring and fall as an integral part of your natural lawn care program. Contact Harmony Gardens Landscaping to discuss implementation of this top dressing into your lawn care program.

Screened Composted Top Dressing Pellets
The composted pellets are screened and composted and thus are weed-free. The pellets are applied via a fertilizer spreader for even distribution and no mess. The pellets are odourless and are made from screened, composted leaf yard wastes with absolutely no animal by products or human waste. The pellets drop down close to the soil and basically out of sight. The lawn looks good after application yet the top dressing pellets go to work right away. The lawn can be used immediately after pelletized top dressing unlike traditional top dressing with soils. The screened composted top dressing pellets are safe around children and pets. Top dressing pellets have been scientifically proven to improve soil tilth and increase soil’s moisture retention.

Benefits of Top Dressing
-top dressing will help release and make usable the P (phosphorous) in your lawn and lawn fertilizers
-top dressing reduces thatch
-top dressing adds organic matter to your lawn’s soil
-top dressing can build up the soil flora
-top dressing improves soil tilth
-top dressing with core aeration helps to change soil structure
-top dressing can help reduce lawn diseases
-top dressing helps to reduce traffic stress to lawns
-top dressing helps relieve compaction in heavy soils
-top dressing helps with water retention especially sandy soils
-top dressing can help reduce the need for fertilizer
-top dressing helps build good soil
-top dressing restores balance to your lawn

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