The Soil Food Web

Human and animal health can be directly attributed to the quality of the food we eat. The quality of food is directly related to the health of the soil it was grown in. Which means that the health of the soil is related to the health of the biology living in it!

It is possible to optimize your soil!

“The soil food web refers to the complex relationships between the diverse groups of fauna and flora found in soil. These groups include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, microarthropods, and the larger plants and animals found in and around soil. The composition of each specific web is greatly influenced by biological, chemical and physical forces in the environment.

“A healthy soil food web offers great ecological importance to all landscapes, ranging from small backyard gardens to old growth forests. Soil contains countless microorganisms continuously performing varied functions that help maintain healthy ecosystems. When we improve the biology in the soil, we are promoting vital ecosystem services that are used by society at large.”

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Healthy soil take aways

Scientists have proven that healthy soil can:

  • Hold nutrients and prevents leaching into water sources
  • Cycle nutrients from organic to plant available forms
  • Decompose organic matter
  • Suppress and prevents soil-borne diseases
  • Maintain porous structure to allow air and water movement
  • Bind or detoxifies pesticides and other toxic substances
  • Sequester carbon in humus and stable forms of organic matter

Harmony Gardens Soil Testing

Harmony Gardens Landscaping offers soil testing, biology improvement, and other lawn/bed care solutions as part of the #soilfoodweb and #greenforlife movement. We invite you to call us at 613-838-4066 to learn more.