The Organic Way to Fertilize your Garden

Is there any Organic Way to Fertilize your Garden?

organic way to fertilize your gardenBuilding a healthy soil is the basis of healthy plants whether they are flowers, vegetables or herbs. All plants need nutrients and they get their nutrients from the soil they are planted in. Nutrients in the soil thus need to be replenished. This replenishment is called fertilizing.

Organic fertilizers for your garden

Manures: provides nitrogen content, trace elements and organic matter to build a healthy soil ecosystem. Fresh animal manure can burn plants and so should always be composted. Composted manures are weed seed free also. I prefer composted sheep manure or composted horse manure for my organic gardens because sheep manure has a higher nitrogen content than cow manure as sheep digest more efficiently than cows. Cold manures such as cow and hog manure have high water content and ferment slowly. Hot manures such as sheep, poultry and horse are richer in nitrogen and ferment easily. There are a wide array of manures available now from zoo pooh, goose, chicken, worm castings, shrimp and mushrooms. Check sources and ensure they are composted. Worm castings and shrimp compost are richer in calcium, potassium and phosphorous than any other organic product.

Rock Fertilizers: Rock fertilizers provide trace elements to the soil as they break down slowly. They should be applied with organic matter since they do not supply any nitrogen. Phosphate rock is a source of phosphorous and trace elements such as zinc, boron, iodine, iron oxide, iron sulphide, calcium fluoride, calcium carbonate, and manganese dioxide. Granite dust is an excellent source of potash. It has trace elements and is a lot cheaper and more effective than chemical potash fertilizers. It won’t change the pH and is slow to release. Potash rock contains potassium plus a wide variety of trace minerals. Ashes from wood-burning stoves/fireplaces, when cooled, add potassium to the soil.

Manure Teas: Compost teas must sit and ferment properly unless buying prepared ready to mix teas. Excellent way to fertilize all plants but especially container gardening and houseplants.

Fish Emulsion Fertilizer: Superb fertilizer high in nitrogen, phosphorous and trace elements. Excellent for roses.

Blood Meal: provides nitrogen.

Bone Meal: high nitrogen and phosphorous content. Excellent for hedge fertilizing, when tree planting, bulb or perennial planting.

Composted Manure Pellets: safe in gardens to condition soil and provide nutrients. Recommended for top dressing lawns every spring and fall but can be applied to gardens also.

Foliar Feeding: Foliar feeding is feeding plants through their leaves by spraying them. Use this method during a heat wave or drought, when plants are flowering or setting fruit. Spray in the morning. Use a kelp-based product derived from marine plants.

Fertilize based on soil test results: Contact Harmony Gardens Landscaping to do soil testing and provide a written report.

High in Nitrogen are: alfalfa meal, blood meal, dried blood, horn and hoof meal, cottonseed meal, linseed meal, soybean meal and fish meal.

High in Phosphorous are: bone meal and rock phosphate

High in Potassium are: wood ashes, greensand, granite and marble dust.

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