Late Summer and Fall Gardening Checklist

Late Summer and Fall Gardening Checklist
Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs, cut back perennials, remove annuals and get your lawn healthy for next spring. Remember to keep watering…trees and shrubs that are deprived of water now will be easily stressed in the winter.

-dead-head perennials
-prune honeysuckle vines and climbing hydrangeas
-divide and transplant perennials
-planting of perennials, ornamental grasses, hedges, shrubs and trees
-prune evergreens and hedges; shape shrubs
-mulching of flowerbeds
-install sod

-collect seeds and herbs for drying
-add composted manure to garden beds
-check houseplants for pests then start to move indoors
-plant new perennials, hedges, trees and shrubs
-plant evergreens
-plant spring-flowering bulbs
-pull weeds before they go to seed to reduce the number of weeds next year
-continue watering trees and shrubs until the ground freezes
-fall core aeration of your lawn
-apply Turf-Maize weed seed inhibitor to lawns for weed control
-apply nematodes specific for chinch bugs and nematodes specific for grubs to prevent and control these lawn pests
-renovate perennial flowerbeds; divide and transplant perennials
-apply horticultural oil to deciduous trees and shrubs
-prune evergreens and hedges
-weed, cultivate, dead-head, prune, thin-out, edge, removal of dead and unwanted plants/stems/branches
-mulching of flowerbeds
-sod installation
-have Harmony Gardens Landscaping Inc. provide on-going flower bed maintenance; flowerbed installations; hedge, shrub, tree planting, sod installation.

-transplant shrubs or young trees
-fall cleanup of leaves
-cut back perennials to discourage overwintering pests
-clean up flower beds and vegetable gardens
-remove annuals
-continue watering trees and shrubs until the ground freezes
-trim tall grass away from trees and corners of your home to discourage small rodents from creating nests
-dig up tender bulbs such as dahlias, canna lilies, tuberous begonias and gladiola to store in a cool dark place
-plant spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, crocuses, daffodil, etc.
-divide and transplant perennials
-fall pruning
-final weeding and cultivating
-mulch around plants; cover dormant perennials; base of trees; rose bushes
-cover strawberries with straw
-plant evergreen shrubs
-wrap lower end of tree trunks with protective tree wraps to prevent damage by rabbits, etc.
-put shelters around first year evergreen transplants to protect from winter burn; rose covers for tender perennials; broadleaf evergreens such as rhododendrons and daphne need covering too

-fertilize, top dress and over-seed lawns
-sod installation
-Contact Harmony Gardens Landscaping to provide fall cleanup and winterization of flowerbeds; planting; mulching; wrapping; fall lawn care; top dressing with over-seeding; installation of sod; fall leaf cleanup.