Pruning Shrubs & Evergreens

Pruning is an essential part of gardening. Correctly pruned trees, shrubs and evergreens will be superior in appearance, vigour and in flowering as compared to neglected plants.

Pruning Tools

Hand held pruners (secateurs)- are used to cut stems up to 13mm. in diameter. Scissor types cut closer than anvil types. Must be kept sharp so as to not crush or tear bark.

IMG_1547Hedge Shears are used for trimming formal hedges to shape foliage. Gas or electric trimmers are used to shape shrubs, broadleaf evergreens, and evergreens.

Lopping shears (loppers)- are used to cut stems and branches up to 2 to 3 cms.

Pruning saw- is used for larger branches and cuts over 2cms. size. If using pruning saw should consider using pruning wound paint or paste to protect pruned exposure.

Pruning Evergreens

Pyramidal cedars and junipers maybe lightly pruned in early spring to remove any winter-killed tips. By mid-June it is apparent that shearing or trimming is needed again as the warmer weather produces a rush of growth. Prune and shape like a hedge in late summer or fall.

Pruning Flowering Shrubs

Spring flowering shrubs should be pruned after flowering such as deutzia, forsythia, flowering almond, lilac, purple leaf sand cherry, and rhodendron.

Summer flowering shrubs should be pruned in early spring before growth begins and then again to remove spent flowers such as roses, spireas, potentilla, weigela, butterfly bush and hydrangea.

Anytime is a good time to prune away dead growth, broken or diseased limbs and sucker growth. Pruning improves air flow, encourages better branch distribution which results in healthier, more vigorous plants. Post bloom pruning maximizes the blooms for the following season.

The cardinal rule of pruning is to cut cleanly and leave no stubs. Having sharp tools and using the correct tool is thus imperative.

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