Landscaping for quick real estate sale

Real Estate agents stress the importance of curb appeal when helping homeowners sell their house because a nicely landscaped and well maintained property makes a much better first impression for prospective buyers. It sets a positive tone before anyone sets foot in the house and leaves a positive lasting impression.

trees 1Research has shown professional landscaping yields an average 109% return on the investment when a house is sold, significantly higher than other major home improvements such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Staging the yard and garden is just as important to improve the selling price and shorten the time house is for sale on the market. Cleanup by removing weeds in the lawn, gardens and walkways; remove dead branches in trees and shrubs. Visually de-clutter by ensuring the lawn is even and green without any bare patches, and flower beds are edged and evenly mulched. Plant colourful annuals to augment perennials and accent entranceways, walkways and patios with planted decorative containers and pots.

Four Steps to Improve Curb Appeal

1) Do not cut down trees – A mature tree can often have an appraised value between $1,000 and $10,000. Prune and shape trees to remove dead branches to enhance property value.

2) Add plants – ensure there is colour in all seasons with flowering shrubs and perennials. Have a professional landscaper design and plant your flowerbeds for curb appeal, all season colour and harmony in vertical-horizontal. Harmony Gardens Landscaping will design and plant your flowerbeds to provide the “wow” factor and improve the value of your property and sellability. Plants/flowerbeds should accent entranceways, walkways and patios as well as provide a beautiful space within the yard. Properly designed and installed flowerbeds can make a yard more private, more open, more inviting and augment your home. Large well tended container gardens make a great impression. Fill-in bare spaces with appropriate, complimentary coloured annuals. Pick colours that are fashionable to attract women buyers. Avoid hanging baskets unless you can really grow them as by July they tend to look quite weather beaten.

IMG_05233) Get rid of the brown – rake the lawn to remove overwintering dead leaves, grass and debris. Prune shrubs and remove any dead branches. Install mulch around all shrubs and perennials to freshen up the look. Contact Harmony Gardens Landscaping for professional mulching of all flowerbeds with composted pine mulch; a natural dark, soil-like mulch which is the best mulch to control weeds and thus decrease your maintenance time and costs. Do not use coloured mulches as coloured mulches appeal to only a few potential buyers and thus can lead to reduced offers. Weed flowerbeds frequently or have Harmony Gardens Landscaping provide flowerbed maintenance because weeds can reduce the impact you are trying to create and weeds say ‘neglect’. Interlocking, patio stones and flagstone walkways, driveways and patios need to be kept clean of weeds too. Perennials and annuals need to be dead-headed. Cut bulbs to ground as soon as possible and plant annuals over top of them. Water gardens need to be cleaned out and well maintained. Get the pumps working immediately as early in the spring as possible and use as many oxygenators in the pond as required to get rid of spring algae bloom and to get the water clear.

4) Look for the wow factor – There is not just a single step or item to do but a combination of small inexpensive steps. Edge all flowerbeds and lawns at driveway and entranceways especially. Remove all weeds from flowerbeds and pavers. Overseed the lawn heavily with perennial rye grass so prospective buyers see a healthy green lawn first thing. Colourful plants and flowerbeds provide the “wow” factor and leave a lasting first impression. Landscape your property to increase value and curb appeal. Maintain your property to get the highest return on your investment. Harmony Gardens Landscaping can provide the necessary hard and soft landscaping to increase your property’s value and provide that curb appeal and their property maintenance team can maintain your yard professionally to ensure there is that “wow” factor for potential buyers.

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