Landscaping In The Time of COVID-19

Harmony Gardens Landscaping Ottawa

Yesterday, the Harmony Gardens Team, along with Harmony Bear, wrapped up an interlocking job.

The interlock brick was ordered 6 weeks before the job was due to commence. On August 10th, when the job was due to start, it turns out the brick that was in stock was not the correct colour. Further compounding the job was the fact the wall stone was not available, so a substitution had to be picked.

Long story short, the interlock originally ordered finally arrived on September 16th. The HGL team picked up the interlock and then we all discovered the interlock clashed with the substitute wall stone caps. So yes, the caps were removed and the search for another more appropriate cap began.

On Friday afternoon, after much calling, emailing and product reviews, Jeannette located what we all hoped was a cap that would work… and guess what? The job finally came together and is officially completed!!

So why this long post? Harmony Gardens Landscaping is just one of many companies who have spent more than 10 plus weeks of hard work to track and obtain supplies for a single project. It’s definitely an unprecedented year, that’s for sure.

We also want to say thank you to all our clients who’ve had to make concessions to see their projects come to fruition. We want to extend appreciation to manufacturers who have been working overtime to address material shortages and urgent demands for replacement products. 2020 has seen the supply chain decimated, but here’s what we’ve noticed: through perseverance, kindness, hope and joy, we’ve been able to still deliver harmony, peace and beauty to another outdoor landscape.

Harmony Bear and the HGL Team salutes all small business owners and their employees.