Landscaping for staycation due to COVID-19

Container Gardening as an Intentional Feature

The benefits of working outside are well documented for physical, mental and social well-being. During this Covid-19 pandemic wouldn’t it be nice to be in the fresh air of your front yard talking with your neighbours whilst maintaining physical distancing, picking your own tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, Swiss chard, kale amongst your flowering perennials, picking berries off of your shrubs and fruit off your fruit trees walking your pathway thru ornamental grasses; sitting at your bar set with a beer or glass of wine soaking up the warm sun, producer of your Vitamin D. Low maintenance, productive, functional, healthy and gorgeous!

Isn’t it time to get your full sun front yard revitalized to become more functional and beautiful. Harmony Gardens Landscaping can convert your front lawn into a functional landscape. Using organic sustainable principles of inter-planting as well as rain water management we can construct a functional landscape yet esthetically pleasing within the neighbourhood and increasing your curb appeal.

Design styles can be formal, country, cottage style to modern urban; whatever suits your home, neighbourhood and needs. We can offer formal and detailed landscape designs made for you by a certified landscape designer(CLD) or we can design an informal garden plan by an organic Horticulturalist.

For the do-it-yourselfers we can provide you not only with a design but advice through a Horticultural consult.

Our landscape construction team can build your practical, functional staycation yard, whether front, side and back yard. If you prefer container gardening then this can be done within a front, side or back yard and look as an intentional part of your landscape design that fits in beautifully. Whether you want raised beds, veggie trugs, deck boxes, planters, living walls along a fence, shed, or gazebo we can build them all. Inter-planting can still be done within container gardening too.

Inter-planting is a valuable organic principle that augments the growth, taste, productivity of a vegetable by planting a specific herb or flower with it. Inter-planting can also be used as a trap plant to ensure pests do not attack your vegetables. This means no pesticides or herbicides needed to get beautiful healthy organic vegetables in your own yard.

Contact us for your free individualized estimate to make the changes you need to increase the functionality of your yard. Visit our website: and request a quote; email; or phone us at 613-838-4066.