Five Budget Friendly Tips to Harmonize your Outdoor Space

Five Budget Friendly Tips to Harmonize your Outdoor Space
An outdoor living space can add instant charm to your home and extend your living space into the great outdoors. Many outdoor projects can get costly but there are a few budget friendly tips to make your space lush, beautiful and livable with just a bit of time and money.

harmonize your outdoor spacePlants and Flowers:
No outdoor space is complete without the right plants and flowers. Giving your space a green makeover is more budget-friendly than you would think. City of Ottawa offers free trees for you to plant each spring. Wisely choose what is best for your space. Planting shrubs or hedging shrubs can create a beautiful corner in your yard or enclose a patio/deck for privacy. Brighten up certain visible areas with spring bulbs or mums and asters for the fall. Purchase freestanding trees, shrubs, plants and leave them in their pots so they are moveable to where you desire. The ultimate budget friendly plant project is to start your own flowers, whether perennial or annual, from seed. Container gardening; edible gardening can all be very cost-effective for their impact. For flowerbed design, development and installation contact Harmony Gardens Landscaping.

Water Feature:
To complete your outdoor living space include a water feature. Bubble rocks, dry riverbeds, bird baths, fountains, ponds and waterfalls can all be very cost-effective in creating that special ambience. Running water has a very calming effect and provides the ultimate escape to space. Harmony Gardens Landscaping can construct your specific water feature if you decide not to do this project yourself.

Harmonize Your Outdoor SpaceFire Pit:
A fire pit takes your outdoor living space to the next level. You can purchase a pre-made iron fire-pit or you can construct your own. Harmony Gardens Landscaping would love to construct a fire pit to suit your needs. What better way to welcome spring or to enjoy those crisp nights of autumn than sitting around your fire pit roasting marshmallows.

Pathways can divide our space appropriately and allow us the chance to wander, relax and ponder along the way within our own outdoor living space. Pathways can be made of pea gravel, mulches, stepping stones or can be build with interlocking bricks, patio stones, or flagstone. Pathways can have widened areas for a bench, birdbath or bistro set. Design possibilities are limitless. Harmony Gardens Landscaping will create the perfect pathway and patio for your specific outdoor living space.

Outdoor Furniture:
Patio furniture is one of the easiest ways to add a face-lift to your outdoor space. Coupling a few chairs with a table in different areas where people can sit and linger to enjoy the scents and sights of flowerbeds; listen to running water wash away their stress near your water feature; around the fire pit to share a drink and laughter; or on your patio for a BBQ. Be creative and re-purpose to be budget friendly.

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