Q What needs to be done in the fall for care of my lawn and beds?

caring for lawn in the fallA: In late August to late September you should repair damaged lawn areas, monitor for insect damage when the lawn greens up with fall rains, core aerate in combination with seeding or top dressing, apply nematodes if grub damage present or as a preventative measure, re-seed or sod necessary areas, & de-thatching if there is a thatch problem.

Late September to November apply the final late fall fertilization and over-seeding to your lawns to prepare the grass for the following spring. Fall formulations give nourishment and feed the roots and do not encourage blade growth.

September is the best time to apply Turf-Maize for weed control. Turf-Maize a corn gluten herbicide inhibits weed seed germination and should be applied three times a year: spring, mid to late summer and early fall. Do not over-seed within 4 to 6 weeks of applying Turf-Maize. Leave your mulched leaves on the lawn, if not too thick, with your mulched clippings from the final cut. These simple practices in combination with proper mowing and watering techniques will let you create a lawn that is healthy and vibrant.

It is very important that you have an understanding of the plants in your flower beds and their specific care requirements. Each plant requires unique horticultural practices including pruning and watering. Understanding the specific requirements of your plants will go a long way toward successful gardening. There are some general practices that will benefit all plants and should be part of your flowerbed care plan.

In the fall plant spring bulbs, divide any perennials which have outgrown their space, mulch your beds, cut back roses to half their height, remove any plants that were poor performers, transplant and plant as required, leave the leaves in the garden for winter mulch or compost in composter for the spring. Wrap vulnerable evergreens to protect from wind-burn and cover tender perennials such as roses, rose of Sharon, & butterfly bush. In the fall and winter prune shrubs and small trees when branching structure is easy to see.

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