Essential Hardscaping Design Elements

Essential Hardscaping Design ElementsIn the past, hardscapes were traditionally utilitarian, a place to park the car or a pathway leading to the door, thus bringing a sense of order to the space. In today’s world, the attributes and the details of exterior landscaping are just as important as the interior spaces. Hardscaping can extend our living space to the outdoors effectively and beautifully.

As a hardscaping contractor, Harmony Gardens Landscaping, considers the key elements that are required to create an attractive and functional outdoor living space. With so many houses looking virtually identical, the creation of an individualized outdoor living space represents the unique signature and personal statement of each homeowner. Hardscaping design, as well as the selection of hardscaping materials to be used in the landscaping construction, will not only reflect the owners personal style but will also serve to enhance both the real and perceived status of the home. There is a trend towards increased dollar value investment in landscaping projects. A growing recognition of the value added to residential properties is expressed through high quality, professional landscaping.

Essential Design Elements Harmony Gardens Landscaping Considers

Focal Points: in most cases the main entrance of the home will be the primary focal point. The tone for the entire landscaping is often set based on this area. Occasionally some homes will have their focal point oriented towards a side entrance due to property location, setup, privacy or security reasons. Backyard landscaping may have different focal points and may have more than one focal point. Backyard landscaping focuses more on extending living space to the great outdoors than to welcoming guests to our home.

Vantage Points: The vantage point is considered, so, image yourself arriving at your home for the first time and with this in mind does your hardscaping “welcome the way”? Or in the backyard a path that leads to an intimate oasis?

Scale and Functionality: Effective hardscaping works within the scale and function of the property. This can mean emphasizing certain attributes or spaces that make the property stand out from the neighbours or on the other hand it may serve to detract attention from less desirable features. Primary consideration is the movement of people and vehicles; on a busy urban street a turnaround space or an extra parking space maybe vital. Factors such as drainage, geotechnical and structural details are also considered. Backyard landscaping would look at outdoor living rooms, outdoor kitchens, fire pit area, children’s play area or outdoor quiet retreats that may be desired functional usages of your space.

Theme: A landscaping theme is developed as an essential part of professional designing which basically means that the landscaping should echo or reinforce the architectural style of the property so as to complement existing stylistic features. This is especially important when considering hardscape elements and materials such as pavers and walls. Backyard themes should compliment and work within the entire property landscaping theme.

Colour: Colour plays an extremely important role and care should be taken to ensure that the dominant colours displayed in the façade (and plants surrounding the home) are coordinated effectively with the hardscaping. It is important that the colours chosen for hardscaping do not overpower the landscaping installation. Colour should compliment or contrast but do not try to “match”. Soft landscaping, by installation of flowerbeds, can emphasize, draw out and effectively compliment your hardscaping.

Texture: Minor differences in texture can be magnified in the overall hardscaping so for this reason it is important to carefully choose your hardscaping materials at the outset of the project. Texture can make an important statement to your theme and functionality.

Light and Shadow: these components of landscaping literally change with the time of day and the season. Adding appropriate lighting to your hardscaping and entire landscaping project can increase safety, functionality, and emphasize colour and focal points.

Safety: Safety may not be a concern on every site, but there can be rapid changes in the grade in some outdoor spaces which require proper attention to safety details thru retention via retaining walls and so on. To make outdoor spaces accessible or provide accessible access to the home Harmony Gardens Landscaping will build appropriate hardscaping ramps.

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