Designs for Landscaping a New Home or Revitalizing an Existing Home

The best landscaped property is the one that began with a good plan. It is vital that your ideas, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, desires, wishes are explored and implemented into your landscape design. It is imperative that your existing space be looked at for focal points, vantage points, scale and functionality as well as theme, colour, texture, light and safety concerns. Our designer will consult with you to ensure that all these concepts are implemented into your design.

Your design will specifically note the practical hard surfaces like steps, walkways, patios, and driveways required within your new landscape. If revitalizing an existing home then desired changes to these areas would be noted such as widened steps and front walkway, expanded interlock patio or terraced hillside. These necessary features make the landscape functional as well as a way to navigate and improve use of space.

The design will plan for new features such as a second seating area away from the house, a private corner to retreat too, a pond with cascading waterfalls, or a destination gazebo. Special interest features such as outdoor cooking area, fire pit area, children’s play area, hot tub, sauna and swimming pool locations would also be incorporated into your design as desired.

harmony gardens landscaping ottawa design build plansThe design would address favourable features like mature trees and liabilities such as poor drainage and upheaved patio stones. Improvements would be included in the plan to repair fencing, install new patio or expand and revitalize the perennial flowerbeds. Intrusions that are part of or neighbouring on your property probably cannot be removed but design and planting strategies can mask unpleasant views and distract attention from imposing objects.

Your design would address privacy needs either with built-in structures such as wood trellis screens or plantings such as hedges. New spreading trees that are five metres tall or higher should be at the far end of the property with trees of descending height closer to the home. Add in design existing hedges, shrubs and flowerbeds and how to revamp them as required. For new homes it is important to design for low maintenance all season plantings whether with trees, evergreens, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses or a combination thereof.

The design would address the need for special alterations and construction such as low retaining walls, stone curbs, and garden walls to contain flowerbeds from pathways or patios; terracing of sloped yards with retaining walls to make usable and functional; entrance ramps for accessibility.

The landscape design is a plan that can be implemented in stages to add value to residential properties and ensure optimal functional use of outdoor space.