de-thatchingDe-thatching is a process that removes thatch from the lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead and decaying organic matter located where the grass emerges from the ground. Thatch results when organic material collects faster than it decomposes. If thatch becomes too thick, it will not breakdown and forms a dense layer that tends to be impermeable to water, prevents light and nutrients from reaching the grass. Thatch is the perfect hiding place for insects like chinch bugs.

Thus it is important that the lawn be assessed annually for thatch buildup and if there is 1.5cms. (1/2 inch) or more then the lawn should be mechanically de-thatched and the removed debris (thatch) raked up and disposed of. De-thatching is a vital part of natural lawn care to ensure health of lawn and prevent insect infestations. Since thatch prevents water, light and nutrients from reaching the grass it is important that the thatch be removed prior to fertilizing, top dressing, and over-seeding your lawn. We recommend that your lawn be de-thatched in the spring prior to core aeration, fertilizing, top dressing and over-seeding. This will allow your lawn to benefit from the spring rains and receive the necessary light and nutrients to grow and be healthy.

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