Core Aeration

Core AerationCore aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the lawn to:
1) increase oxygen flow around the root zone of the grass
2) stimulate microbial activity
3) to improve soil structure
4) to improve water flow
5) to decrease compaction
6) bring soil nutrients to surface
Aeration is best done when the ground is moist in the spring and the fall. Spring core aeration should not take place until the ground has firmed up after the winter to avoid damage to new shoots of grass and further the compaction of the soil.

Core aeration removes “plugs” of soil approximately 7.5cms.(3inches) in length and deposits onto the lawn. It does not just “poke holes” into the ground. Hole poking methods do not improve soil structure and causes further compaction of soil. Mechanical core aerators that do not have the appropriate weights on them will only poke holes or remove very small plugs. This is counterproductive and not beneficial to the lawn. Many companies will remove the weights from their aerators so students can easily aerate lawns all day long. This may be a great way to make money, but it definitely is not providing value for your money or being beneficial to your lawn.

It is important that core aeration be done properly at the right time, with the right amount of weights, under the right conditions to benefit your lawn as a vital part of natural lawn care. Core aeration is a vital lawn maintenance technique that is excellent to combine with top dressing, seeding and fertilizing as the plug holes allow good distribution of these materials. The plugs themselves usually breakdown and disappear in about one week’s time.

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