Autumn Horticultural Assessment

Post-Drought Lawn Repair

The summer drought has left many lawns in and around Ottawa in need of repair. Thankfully the team at Harmony Gardens Landscaping is available to do horticultural assessments and provide the necessary fixes.

Autumn is the perfect time to have core aeration and top dressing with overseeing applied. Newly laid seed thrives in the fall, as the weather is cooler, there is morning dew, and often a lot of rain. We use a diverse mix of seeds; germination will happen now and again in the very early spring. This makes for a very healthy lawn next spring. 

There is an “old wives tale” that core aeration, top dressing and overseeding must be done in September but with climate change, horticulturalists agree: October is the best time to do this lawn repair.

The Power of Mixed Grass Seeds

We invite you to download this helpful chart that provides an overview on common cool-season lawn grasses. These are the grasses available in “Mixed Grass” seed that we use for diversity and to address multiple situations lawns find themselves in such as drought, high heat, cold, compacted soil, excessive wear from foot traffic.

Of course everyone is interested in the rate of establishment (how fast will seed germinate and become grass blades/lawn). By looking at this chart you can see how using a mixture of cool season grasses is so vital for maintaining a healthy lawn thru diversity.  This chart also explains why new sod should be over-seeded with a cool season mixed grass seeds for diversity.

We have worked with customers who did not heed the advise post-sodding to overseed. This results in new sod that is dead within 4 or 5 years because ALL new sod is strictly Kentucky Bluegrass. Without diversity, heat tolerance and drought tolerance is greatly reduced. The resulting lawn needs more nitrogen than others and does not tolerate wear as well as a mixture of grasses in a lawn.

Addressing Weeds

As the Harmony Gardens team does site visits, you will notice that we put emphasis on addressing weeds. Weeds are an indicator of what is wrong with a lawn. When we identify and address the deficiencies, we are better able to control weed infestations.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, as we often highlight examples of common weeds and how we address the concerns. In the meantime, we invite you to explore this chart that explains what your weeds are trying to tell you!

Looking Ahead to Spring

As we look ahead to next year, it’s important to note that very early spring (March) is also a good time to also broadcast grass seed on the melting snow/ice which will give the seed its moisture necessary to germinate. We need to adapt our habits to be in keeping with the changes that are occurring. Bio-diversity was always important but more so now with dealing with our changing climate and weather conditions.

To schedule a Harmony Gardens Landscaping on-site visit or to request a quotation, please connect with us. We’re always at the ready to help make your landscape #greenforlife!