Environmental Policy

Harmony Gardens Landscaping Inc. is committed to being Green for Life. As a professional member in good standing of Landscape Ontario and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association we are committed to being environmentally sensitive, educating and promoting being Green for Life.

Harmony Gardens Landscaping – Creating Harmonized Spaces

Our Policy

We recognize that activities of our corporation could have a significant impact on the environment. We embrace our responsibility to minimize this impact and offer innovative solutions to protect and sustain the environment. We operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and we strive to prevent pollution as much as possible and follow environmental best practices. We promote natural, organic principles and practices in our day to day operation.

Environmentally Friendly Procedures

  • Ensure that all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice are adhered to
  • Increase awareness and implementation of environmental responsibilities by all employees
  • Train, educate and inform our employees about environmental issues affecting their work
  • Encourage our customers to adopt principals of sustainability with regard to:
    • – landscape design and planning
    • – material selections
    • – soil ecology; xeriscaping; pollinator friendly; bio-diverse, edible, native gardens
    • – low impact development
    • – irrigation and water conservation
    • – rainwater harvesting: bio-swales, rain gardens, careful grading, above and below ground barrels, tanks, cisterns
    • – storm water management
    • – irrigation and water conservation
    • – property care and maintenance
  • Educate and promote good environmental practices within our community:
    • – post blogs regularly on website to educate customers and public
    • – sponsor and judge local village assoc. landscape and garden contest annually bringing environmental awareness focus
    • – promote organic gardening principles in children’s garden at local church. Focus on environmental sustainability such as composting, water conservation and use of rain barrel, companion planting and inter-planting for pest control, crop rotation for soil integrity, attracting beneficial insects such as mason bees, butterflies, bats, etc.
    • – participate within community to encourage environmental awareness, sustainability, pollution prevention, environmental best thru our work practices, product usage and lawn and flowerbed programs.
    • – active member of Landscape Ontario’s Green for Life initiative
  • Avoid wastage of materials, water and energy by attention to their use
  • Minimize dust, noise, mud and disturbance to worksites
  • Promote harmony with natural environment
  • Promote harmony within soil eco-system as foundation to healthy lawns, flowerbeds, gardens and properties.
  • Encourage healthy care and maintenance of landscape working to maintain harmony and balance within the natural environment
  • Encourage sound work practices by employees and customers
  • Incorporate strategies for energy efficiency into planning, development and implementation of work
  • Purchase products and services giving preference to those which cause the least harm to the environment where able to
  • Dispose of debris in environmentally sound ways such as recycling; composting of plant materials, soil, sod, and leaf yard waste; grasscycling by mulch mowing lawns;
  • Continually strive to improve environmental performance