How to make a Hummingbird Garden

A list of plant and flower varieties that hummingbirds love:
anise artemisia azalea
basswood bearberry scarlet runner beans
bee balm bellflower bluebell
blueberry borage bottlebrush
buckeye butterfly bush canna
cardinal flower catnip century plant
columbine coralbells cornflower
cotoneaster currants daylily
eucalyptus fennel feverfew
figwort fireweed flax
flowering quince four o’clocks foxglove
fuschia geranium gilia
gladiolus gooseberry hamelis
hibiscus hollyhock honeysuckle
hummingbird trumpet hyssop iris
jasmine jewelweed lantana
larkspur lilac lily
loquat lupine marigolds
milkweed mint monkeyflower
morning glory nasturtium nettle
painted cup pelargonium petunia
poinciana poppy prickly pear
rose of sharon sage salmonberry
scabious scarlet bugler
siberian peatree skyrocket snapdragons
snowberry spiderflower star
glory sweet william tansy
thimbleberry tigerlily

This list is not meant to be all inclusive but to give you some choices when planning and designing a hummingbird garden in your yard.

flowers that hummingbirds likeBy planting some of these flowers and shrubs in your yard you will encourage hummingbirds to your garden. You can encourage hummingbirds by hanging, filling and properly maintaining hummingbird feeders.

Ensure the nectar in your feeder is fresh and the appropriate sugar concentration. Do not use red food colouring as these artificial dyes cause the birds’ egg shells to be too thin, killing their young. Ensure there are no moulds growing in the hummingbird nectar.

Always thoroughly clean the feeder each and every time prior to refilling.