Shrubs, Hedges, Trees

Shrubs, hedges and trees benefit the bio-psycho-social health of us, our cities and towns and our whole environment. Harmony Gardens Landscaping will plant and maintain your shrubs, hedges and trees by appropriately providing the following services:

  • shrub planting, planting of all types of hedges and tree planting
  • fruit tree care: pruning, dormant oil and lime sulphur applications
  • soil amendment(s) for shrub, hedge, tree health and growth
  • mulching
  • fertilizing
  • pruning: major, minor, thinning, shaping, removal of dead wood
  • staking: installation and removal of T-bars/stakes and guy wires
  • shrub and tree wrapping
  • Horticultural Oil spraying
  • lime-sulfur applications
  • shrubs, hedges and small tree removals

Shrubs, hedges and trees not only play a vital role in our health and well-being, but they can increase economic stability.  From enhancing the exterior of a business, greening a town to attract tourists, or boosting the value of residential properties, trees play an integral role in our environment.  To learn more about the Benefits of Trees, please explore our Ask An Expert column.

Harmony Gardens Landscaping can handle the complete care of shrubs, hedges and small trees from pruning to mulching.

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