Efficient Watering

Efficient Watering

efficient wateringWater is a precious resource which needs to be used wisely to be effective and efficient. Some tips for using irrigation water more efficiently are:

1) Install rain sensors on your sprinkler systems. There is no need for your irrigation system to run when it is raining or going to rain.
2) Adjust irrigation timers according to seasonal needs. Irrigation should not be running mid afternoon or during the night. Timers can be set based on seasonal time.
3) Detect and repair all leaks in the irrigation systems.
4) Water trees and shrubs, which have deep root systems, longer and less frequently than shallow-rooted plants which require smaller amounts of water more often. Zone specific watering can be setup.
5) Set sprinklers to water the lawn or gardens only and not the street or sidewalk.
6) Water the lawn or gardens during the coolest part of the day (early morning is best). Do not water on windy days.
7) Using properly treated wastewater/rainwater for irrigation where able.
8) Have sprinkler-irrigation system serviced regularly.
9) Use mulch around trees, shrubs and garden plants to reduce evaporation from the soil surface as well as cut down on weed growth.
10)Remove thatch and core aerate your lawns to encourage movement of water to the root zones.
11)Raise your lawn mower cutting height as longer grass blades help shade each other, cutting down on evaporation. They also inhibit weed growth.
12) When installing or using ornamental water features ensure they recycle the water.

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  • Samaira Khan